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Business Accounts

Join Paybanco as an agent and increase your income.
Make your POS work harder by integrating it with Paybanco’s services.
We provide all the tools necessary for you to start making money from expanding your POS capabilities.

Calling Entrepreneurs

Who better to evaluate the trends and singularities of your country’s market than you, a thriving entrepreneur? If you believe your local marketplace is ready for the digital revolution, and that Paybanco has the right tools for you to succeed in delivering that change, contact us to discuss your investment in the Paybanco network and start a fintech company in your country.

Banks and PSPs

We are always looking to strengthen our services through partnerships with banks and PSPs.
By partnering, we improve services for our collective customers who want to use electronic payment methods, as well as galvanise our relationships with loyal customers, securing business.

Software Developers

Partner with Paybanco and learn how the Paybanco API benefits your eCommerce clients.
Learn more about how you can make money when your eCommerce clients choose Paybanco services to support their business ambitions.

I Have an Idea

If you think that you have a hot new idea or have conceived of a way to improve on existing fintech, we’d love to hear from you. Our team is always ready to collaborate and take on the next step of digital transformation.

My Project

If you are looking for a payments solution for your business venture, get in touch with Paybanco.
We have the right solution for your business, even if you aren’t really sure what you need.
Ask us for help today.

Contact us at [email protected] to inquire about Paybanco’s Business Partnerships.
Find out how sharing news about our premium digital services could increase your income.

Paybanco Affiliates Program

Reccomend Paybanco

The Paybanco Affiliates gives you the opportunity to increase your income by recommending active clients.

What you need to know

Using referral links on your approved website, you can make a percentage from each new approved client that signs up with Paybanco.

You can earn a percentage of the profits made from each approved client that you have recommended.
The reward is paid to your Paybanco Account in your main currency each month. You can spend your money as soon as you receive it!

Paybanco clients who have activated the Affiliates Program on their Accounts can participate in the program. Participation in the Affiliates Program is free of charge.
In order to participate in the program and make an income, please register with Paybanco, order the Affiliates Program service and share your unique registration link.

You can tell your friends and business associates about the benefits of Paybanco by sharing your experience and the unique registration link on social networks, forums, etc.
We will send you banners which you can use on your website or social network profile.

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